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About us 

The Metropolitan Health Service provides service, coordination and development activities with a regional impact within the metropolitan health system. 

It focuses on promoting the development of health prevention, psychosocial support for people in psychosocial crisis and coordination of the mental health care system. Coordinates the implementation of the regional mental health care plan.

Develops marketing strategies in the field of prevention and destigmatization.

Conducts analyses and surveys of the needs of the citizens of the capital city of Prague – in the field of health and health-social frontier, especially in the areas of mental health, public health, crisis assistance and integrated systems of care. 

It implements educational programmes in the field of health and health-social care and health prevention.

Provides protective equipment for the capital city of Prague (in collaboration with the Department of Health of the Municipality of the City of Prague), cooperates in procurement.

In the years 2020-2022, the Metropolitan Health Service covered the Metropolitan Vaccination Centre in the Prague Congress Centre (vaccination against covid-19), the activities of the vaccination bus of the Capital City of Prague, and the activities of the HMP. Prague and co-organised the Metropolitan Health Congress 2021 at the Prague Congress Centre.

History of the organization

The Metropolitan Health Service was established in October 2020 by amending the founding charter of the Metropolitan Hospital Na Františku. The founder is the capital city of Prague.

On 24 February 2022, Resolution No 34/60 of the Prague City Council further amended the founding charter and added the main purpose of the organisation: 'to ensure coordination of mental health care and health prevention'. The organisation is headed by a director who is its statutory body. He is appointed and dismissed by the Prague City Council.